Welcome to The Paperboy!

What this page is about:

I analyze different pieces in media, emotions in life and issues that arise in our society.

I post my poetry to this page to share with all of you. I hope everything I bring to the table is something you can enjoy.

I feel it is important to keep an open mindset to any ideas or concerns. This is vital for the improvement of what people create. Criticism is the only way someone can tell if they’re doing something wrong, or if they may want to change what they’re making into a different direction.

Who I am:

I’m an aspiring freelance writer and author, as I’m currently learning the market within this field.

I have wrote for different companies in the past, I wish to make this into a full-time career.

I currently attend online courses for a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Communications.

Most of my free time is spent by working on different personal projects, writing for the blog or trying to find ways to improve on my writing.

For those who have any inquiries, please feel free to find my contact information on the contact page.

If you enjoy what I create here, please feel free to follow the blog and share it around.

Stay beautiful.